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v2.0 (includes database structure changes)

  • Replaced the rate-exchange.appspot.com currency conversion service with the newly built rates.egg-basket.com service as the old service is now closed.
  • Currency rates are now also saved locally to prevent issues when the API goes down.
  • Updating billing address either during checkout or through the account pages now updates the sessions current currency.
  • Amended the payment page to output a warning if no payment gateway has been configured yet.
  • Order count in the customers My Account page no longer includes pending orders.
  • Added accountoverview_pre, accountoverview_post, basketbuttons_post and productdetailbuttons_post plugin hooks.
  • Added fldUser to tblPlugins and new table indexes.
  • Added checkoutbillingaddress_pre, checkoutbillingaddress_post, checkoutdeliveryaddress_pre and checkoutdeliveryaddress_post plugin hooks.
  • Added wireframe setting to settings.php to toggle the use of wireframe.css.
  • Added the ability for themes to execute code early on, via initiate.php in the themes root. This can be disabled in settings.php for security.
  • Added delivery tracking links to the order details page inside the customers My Account section.
  • Updated copyright years in all files.
  • Tidied up the sample product images.
  • Fixed a bug where adding more of an already added item to the basket via the product detail page didn't account for reserves during stock check.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes instead of a 404 error page being shown, an empty product page would be shown.
  • Fixed a minor bug where contentSearch.php still included reference to an old widget that was removed some time ago.
  • Fixed an issue where products with a 4 figure price weren't contributing to the basket total properly. Thanks to Pipal Design for reporting.
  • Fixed a minor bug where elements of the delivery address didn't always output on the user detail page within the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue where search results included products that aren't set to live.
  • Fixed an issue preventing account settings from saving properly.

v1.9 (includes database structure changes)

  • Added Barclaycard ePDQ integration as a payment method.
  • Added gateways/dummy-ipn-listener.php for pointing to from within Paypal's settings.
  • Added convertRegionToCode() function and populated all U.S states with their ISO codes.
  • Added a globally accessible array of brands, like the existing categories array.
  • Added more classes to various widgets for more flexible styling.
  • Added the category name to the body classes of category pages for more flexible styling.
  • Upgraded to Sagepay protocol v3.00 unless simulator mode is enabled (because the simulator doesn't yet support this version).
  • Sagepay implementation now supports U.S billing addresses.
  • Fixed a bug where products in the search results still didn't always have the right hyperlink.
  • Fixed a bug where page meta titles didn't save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where Paypal payments were sometimes in the wrong currency.
  • Relicensed under the GNU GPL v3. Ref /LICENSE.txt
  • Removed GPL v2 license from /required/LICENSE (previously distributed with PHPMailer)

v1.8 (includes database structure changes)

  • Extended the Google product feed implementation and administration panel to incorporate product brands, manufacturer identifiers, and Google's taxonomy.
  • Implemented a fix to make CSS hover work on iPhone/iPad.
  • Replaced the Google currency conversion service call with rate-exchange.appspot.com as iGoogle is now closed.
  • Amended cache control to no longer include caching of Javascripts, as some are dynamically generated and change regularly.
  • Revoked a previous change that disabled slashes in page url's.
  • Updated TinyMCE to v3.5.11.
  • Fixed a bug where products in the search results didn't always have the right hyperlink.
  • Fixed a bug where searching for the full title of a product caused it to not be found.
  • Fixed a bug where old stock reserves didn't replenish properly.
  • Fixed a bug where tax inclusive prices output to the PayPal form didn't always round properly.


  • Added copyright year to setting.php to avoid having to edit footer.php directly.
  • Added compression and cache control to .htaccess for better performance.
  • Optimised SQL queries in widgetProductsMain.php and contentSearch.php for speed.
  • Amended both front-end and admin headers to load jQuery resources in with relative protocol url's.
  • Tidied up the page editor toolbar.
  • Generalised error outputs to always use the error class, removing the formError class completely.
  • Fixed error output styling in the admin panel.
  • Fixed date picker styling in the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue where widgetBasketSide had two instances of the basketside_pre plugin hook instead of basketside_post.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the page editor from loading if a local tree settings.php was in use.
  • Fixed an issue where creating local copies of files that defined new functions caused errors.
  • Fixed an issue where category deletion didn't also delete category-product references.
  • Fixed an issue where prices sometimes incorrectly output as reductions.
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox didn't display the 'Your basket has been updated' message after adding to basket.
  • Fixed an issue where category meta titles didn't get used on the front-end.

v1.6 (includes database structure changes)

  • Products now have automatically generated canonical url's.
  • Products and pages no longer include slashes in autopopulated url's.
  • Product primary images can now be deleted.
  • Added the ability to overwrite category images via the administration panel.
  • Added searchli_post, categoriesmainli_post, childcategoriesmainli_post, productsmainli_post, similarproductsmainli_post, recentproductsmainli_post, basketsummary_post and checkoutsummary_post plugin hooks.
  • Added dbGetError() to the database wrapper to help with debugging.
  • The sample plugin now shows the hook ID's on hover of each sample text output.
  • The HTML sitemap is now linked to by default in the footer.
  • Fixed a bug where categories with non-alphanumeric names didn't get linked to properly from category listings.


  • Added productimages_pre, productimages_post and adminhead plugin hooks.
  • Querystring now gets passed to plugin admin pages.
  • Separated wireframe colours out in to the default theme for easier skinning.
  • Rebuilt the wireframe to be a responsive layout.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the local tree from properly overwriting core files in some cases.

v1.41 (includes database structure changes)

  • Added head, body_pre and body_post plugin hooks.
  • Added fldCategory, fldProduct, and fldPage fields to tblPlugins so data can be stored and retrieved more dynamically.

v1.4 (includes database structure changes)

  • Implemented a plugin system for modulous development. See the usage guide and plugins/sample-plugin for details.
  • Optimised the local tree rerouting code for speed and to fix open_basedir restriction warnings.
  • Optimised various SQL queries for speed.
  • Implemented MySQLi for newer servers.
  • Product tags are now also used in image alt texts on both listing and detail pages.
  • Categories can now be hidden via the administration panel.
  • Added a timezone setting to settings.php to fix warnings in recent PHP builds.
  • Fixed a bug where the category list on product edit pages wasn't properly ordering.
  • Fixed a bug where the sitemap sometimes contained links with %2F sequences (Apache doesn't accept these).
  • Fixed an issue where deleting products didn't remove the assignment of that product to a category.


  • Implemented a local tree to allow for safely overwriting core files.
  • Implemented product tags for use by the search system.
  • Added sidebar product list widget.
  • Fixed a bug where account activation links always used https on some IIS servers.
  • Fixed a bug where prices output on the product details page didn't properly check whether the product was taxable.
  • Fixed a bug where products with non-alphanumeric names didn't get linked to properly from product listings.
  • Fixed a bug where product meta titles didn't properly populate in the admin panel.


  • Started implementation of a library of fixes for known IIS issues. See settings.php.
  • Implemented a new, cleaner email template and included an editable PSD for header branding.
  • Tidied up the page editor toolbar and implemented a simpler bar for product and category editors.
  • Removed some clutter from the wireframe CSS and tidied up some blocks for easier theming.
  • Improved the general layout of product detail pages.
  • Terms and Privacy links on registration and checkout pages now open in a new window.
  • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.6.
  • Fixed an issue with UTF-8 text output on some MySQL servers.
  • Fixed an issue with some servers not showing the page editor due to a late setting of header information.
  • Fixed paragraph spacing in all generated emails when viewed in some email clients.
  • Fixed a bug causing lightbox images to not be loaded if the base url is a sub tree (again).


  • Added Sagepay InFrame integration as a payment method.
  • Updated maintenance.html to HTML5 instead of XHTML1.1, to work around some servers allowing PHP short tags in .html files.


  • Amended jQuery call to force loading of v1.8 instead of the latest as 1.9 has problems.
  • Added default cache control to prevent page contents from being cached (fixes persistent cookie warning, etc).
  • Extended the body class of CMS pages to make page styling even easier.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the meta title of new pages defaulted to the title of the administration panel.
  • Fixed a minor bug where the pages list in the administration panel didn't link to pages properly if the base url is a sub tree.
  • Fixed a bug causing lightbox images to not be loaded if the base url is a sub tree.
  • Fixed a bug with meta title causing new products to not save properly.
  • Fixed a bug where [THUMBNAIL] tags on CMS pages didn't work if the base url is a sub tree.


  • Added meta title administration to pages, products and categories.
  • Amended product detail page to display product name as the title, instead of a reformat of the page url.
  • Amended all e-mail scripts to initialize PHPMailer before loading email-settings.php, allowing for SMTP settings etc to be input here.
  • Amended wireframe.css to only use one font-family definition, making it easier to overwrite in themes.
  • Hidden products no longer show an order form on their detail page, preventing orders when accidentally stumbled onto.
  • Fixed an issue where category descriptions weren't being properly set for sub-categories.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the default values when creating products (taxable is now set properly).
  • Fixed minor display issues with the e-mail template in gMail.


  • Added cache control to the thumbnail generation.
  • Added maximum thumbnail dimentions to settings.php to help prevent possible DoS attack.
  • Updated PHPMailer to v5.2.2-rc2
  • Minor fix to the image resize script to prevent broken output when PHP warnings are enabled.


  • Added better logic to page redirection while creating new categories and products, and editing product options.
  • Implemented a cookie warning message.
  • The widgetChildCategoriesMain widget now no longer renders if there are no visible products in any child categories.
  • Moved no-image.png into the theme images.
  • Fixed an issue with the search form not using theme images for styling.
  • Fixed an issue where setting category images to use the oldest product didn't work when multiple products were created in the same day.
  • Fixed an issue with the additional product images looking squashed.
  • Fixed an issue with jQuery Lightbox images not displaying.
  • Fixed minor issues with the sample category data in the database import file.


  • Added a usage guide.
  • Added the ability to manually mark an order as refunded.
  • Added a link to batchimageresize.com in the files administration section.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to save a category with the same name as an existing category didn't produce a proper error output.
  • Fixed an issue which made it possible to set a category to be it's own parent.


  • Added a changelog to version.txt.
  • Implemented downloadable products via a new 'File' field in the stock editor. Downloads are linked to via the order confirmation e-mail.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly formatted prices being sent to Paypal on some products.
  • Fixed an issue where randomString() always generated 8 char strings, ignorant of the requested length.

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